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TV Series: the best way to manage your TV series: details, trailers, notifications, cloud and much more.

With this app you can add virtually any shows thanks to thetvtb's huge database (http://www.thetvdb.com) and the advanced search functions of TV Series.


: TV Series allows you to manage each of the thousands of television shows available on thetvdb.com. The handy live search function allows you to find the TV series you are looking for easily and quickly.

: with one touch, you can keep an eye on new episodes, extras and additional information. You can also mark episodes as seen or new, so you'll never lose your progresses.

: you can create a free FEMA account where the app will store your data, so if you have multiple devices, they'll be synced!

: you can browse through trending and featured shows, and find new series suggested by the app, according to your tastes!

: you can rate and comment each episode or show. You can also create surveys! Moreover, if you want to, you can share an episode through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

: every show comes with tons of images, plots for each episode, trailers and featurette, details about actors, writers, directors and lot more.

: the app comes with three main widgets type, each of them customizable according to your tastes.

: choose between five different themes, personalize the sort-order and banners: every aspect of the app can be customized.

: create lists about the TV shows you like the most, your completed one, in an easy and intuitive way.

: The aesthetical look is always of primary importance. Follow your TV series is not only easy and fast, but is also beautiful and interactive.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/TvSeries2 or contact us at support@femastudios.net


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